About us

Sweekar is an association of parents of Specially-abled persons eg those with Downs Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Cerebral palsy, Mental retardation and multiple disabilities.

This association was founded in 1985 by a few parents of these special persons with the sole purpose of teaching them simple skills as per their capability, in order to increase their usefulness to their family and society and to make them less dependent on others for their daily routine; and if possible to enable the persons with minimal disabilities to be part of mainstream.

Sweekar has been conducting awareness program for general public to highlight the problems faced by these persons. Moreover, Sweekar has also organized yearly Vidarbha level Dance/Song/drama competitions in the pre-Covid era for these special persons to give them a platform to show their talent.

In 2005 Sweekar was able to generate enough funds to buy 2 acres of land from Maharashtra Government at Chichbavan, Shankarpura. 

At present Sweekar is running a sheltered workshop on this land. Around 15 to20 special persons come here daily by bus and make articles like Phenyl, Liquid soap, Toran, plastic Garlands, Gudhi, Earthen Diya paintings, Lanterns and Paper plates to name a few. These are sold at various stalls put up in exhibitions. Many of our well wishers also buy them directly through the members. 

Persons involved in preparing these are given due remuneration which proves an added incentive.

This workshop is held from 11 am to 4 pm.

Computer training, music and games are also conducted here. There is a small nursery where Turmeric is grown and fruits trees have also been planted, many of them by different NGOs, which are looked after by these special persons with help of care takers.

Sweekar plans to build a residential hostel to house approximately 30 persons and a sheltered workshop with different units where these special persons can prepare more variety of items.